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Friday, October 29, 2010

Big Elf - Cheat the Gallows 2008

Were gonna get a little more heavy now!  This 4 piece band based out of LA have been kickin' out the jams since 1991 and some how manage to fly under the radar.. how you ask... I have no idea!  Led by the eccentric double organ playing, top hat wearing, Allister Crowley worshipping Damon Fox, these dirtbags, equipped with mighty beards and long hair have a style all their own.  With Hammond organs, Mellotrons, orange amps, SG guitars, and vista-lite drums the spaced out quartet deliver what could only be referred to as thunderous psychedelic jam groove, taking the best of the Beatles, Floyd, Sabbath and Crimson influences and creating their own unique sound.  Their latest offering, "Cheat the Gallows" thrives on thick riffs, progressive jams, eerie and soulful harmonies and blistering tempo changes.  Get ready to have your mind drenched in righteous tones and strained through a leslie.  Accompany with stimulants!
Wikipedia w/ Track Listing


Leadbelly - Complete Recorded Works, Vol.1-7 1939-1947 (FLAC)

Alright! By request we have a real treat today!  The complete Leadbelly recordings from 39-47.  These cuts are raw, mono, and packed full of delta blues.  This guy plays it all, guitar, lap steel, harp, accordion piano and one hell of a voice!  I would assume the majority of you know who this legend is, but for you younger cats, you may know the song "where did you sleep last night" recorded by Nirvana, which is an old old leadbelly tune.  With out further ado i present you with a album that you would hear walking down a dirt road in Louisiana or by the Bayou trying to stay hidden from the Klan and the crocs!(thanks Shel!!!)  Break out the corn liquor and pipe tobacco!
Highlighted cuts - Looky Looky Longer/Black Betty and the Bourgeois Blues

Leadbelly at Wikipedia

Part 1 Part 2

Stardeath and White Dwarfs - The Birth 2009

Well, Folks, I don't know how to describe this one!  This must be listened to an evaluated by YOU!  It's a mixture of psychedelia, garage rock, a hint of new wave and whole bunch of I don't know... does that help? I think not!  Well nonetheless to realize the full potential of this album you may have to enlist the help of LSD or some serious opiates.  Think flaming lips(as the singer is the son of Wayne Coyne) and comets on fire, with elements of the 13th floor Elevators... or perhaps none of those bands..... in fact this album is so cool I can't compare it to anything, so grab some grass and call an adult, cause you will need supervision if things get too confusing... which they will.
Website with Track Listing


Scott H. Biram - The Dirty Old One Man Band - 2005

Now It's time for another southern hero who has had little no recognition, Mr Scott H. Biram out of Lockhart Texas.  This songster draws his influences from the like of Doc Watson, Leadbelly and Mance Lipscomb, and combines a nice mixture of aggression via punk and at times borderline metal.... and does this all by himself!  Sitting in an old chair and stomping his foot against a board during his performances, this guy has set a new precedent for hillbilly blues rockers everywhere.  With cuts like "wreck my car", he can immerse you in laid back country, or jump into "I see the light/Whats his name" and rip out some gritty soul reminiscent of of early 40s gospel!  This guy has it all! In 2003 he was involved in a head on collision with an 18 wheeler, and within a month he was performing live in a wheelchair with IV tubes hanging from his arms.  This guy is a force to be reckoned with and an artist with a solid career ahead!

So heres another dynamite album from 2005
Highlighted Tracks are "Truck Driver" and "Wreck My Car"
Scott H Biram website


Mississippi Bones - Self Titled 2010

Alright Brothers and Sisters its time to get a little heavier!  Up on the chopping block today is the southern friend grooves of Mississippi Bones.  Just enough swamp, sludge and solid riffage make this nugget one you won't soon recover from.  Its as if Clutch And Half Man had a bastard son who attended the University of Five Horse Johnson majoring in Alabama ThunderPussy!!  This record will be sure to flying down the highway at 150 with a trunk full of Jack D!!  Enjoy
Highlighted Track - The Silver Forked Tongue of Mr Toad and Sasquatch Paparazzi

Track Listing & Review


Duane Allman November 20, 1946 – October 29, 1971

Well, It's Oct 29th again, and it has been 39 years since Duane Allman died in a horrific bike accident in Macon Georgia back in 1971.  Duane at the young age of 24 left a legacy in southern rock that will guarantee his immortalization in our hearts and ear drums.  Rolling stone magazine ranked him #2 in their "100 greatest guitar players off al time" list.  Although that doesn't mean much considering they all ranked Kurt Cobain #12 and Jerry Garcia #13.......but thats another rant we shall save for another day!  Nonetheless Skydog was a monster in the world of slide guitar, with arguably the greatest tone to ever scream out of a marshall.  So wherever you find yourself today, stop for a moment, crack a bottle of pabst blue ribbon and pay your respects to the late great and always righteous Howard Duane Allman.

In commemoration of Duane life and death I'm posting the Allman Brothers Band Live at American University /12/13/1970.  Its Raw, it's gritty and it's perfect! Highlight - The 16 minute version of "you don't love me" is definitely the gem on here!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Mr Daniels!!

I just want to throw a big happy birthday to The Furious Fiddler himself!  This legend is 74 years old
today.  Is he taking it easy in his old age?  Notta chance! Hes On tour right now and has had well over 10 releases in this decade alone!  He just may be playing at a state fair near you!
Heres a link to the anti-bucaneer on youtube!

Charlie Daniels - Late 70's - Long Haired Country Boy

Fiddle On Charlie, Fiddle on!!!

Weird Owl - Ever the Silver Cord Be Loosed 2009

Lets get psychedelic shall we!  This psilocybin driven Brooklyn band was introduced to me by a good friend at ElectricMud (check sidebar for blog).  To say the least this mesmorizing album takes you on a journey so far down the rabbit hole you'll need DMT to get out!  Crank this while engaging in your favorite recreational pass time!  You can thank the cosmos for this one!!
Highlight Track is Mind Mountain

Track Listing & Review


Fred J. Eaglesmith - There Ain't No Easy Road 1991

Alright! Next up were gonna go with a little canadiana country!  Forget Miley Cyrus
and Keith Urban, this road warrior has been releasing music about farming, dogs, tractors,
and booze for 30 years, while playing to small rooms all over Canada he still manages to 
pump out some serious tunes!  Although this is not my favourite its a must hear for all fans of the genre! If enough people dig it,  I will post other albums.  So grab a bottle of Lucky Lager and your shotgun, and set yourself up in a rocking chair on your porch..... you're going country!
@256 AAC

Highlighted tracks are Makin Whiskey and Little Buffalo!

Track Listing


Sam And Dave - Sweat and Soul (FLAC) 1965-1971

Well this group needs no introduction!  If you haven't been living under a rock for the last 50 years you should be well aware of this powerhouse duo!  With brilliant help from the genius of Sir Isaac Hayes, (Black Moses!) these gents belted out some of the greatest soul this little floating marble has ever heard!  Although they despised each other to a point that they wouldn't travel together, talk to each other or even look at one another while performing for like 13 years!  Anyways up for your listening entertainment is the anthology discs containing 50 cuts!! And did i mention these files are LOSLESS!!
Enjoy this as your dancing around your house in bellbottoms and oversized collar silk shirts!!


Sunnyland Slim

Alright heres another absolute classic delta born blues artist.... Mr Sunnyland Slim!  This collection I downloaded from itunes, has 24 hollering tracks recorded in the 40s and 50's and are bound to have you slugging wine out of the bottle and dancing to the wee hours!
Highlighted tracks are Illinois Central and Keep Your Hands Out Of My Money!!!
track listing here


Heavy Deep Funk 2009

Alright! First up, my first post is a solid one man!  I just purchased this gem from itunes.
Its a 55 track funk collection of uber rare cuts!  Perfect for an evening of cocktails and dancing!
If you don't like this, than i will personally come over and FUNK you myself!!
@256 AAC
 Start With Track 18... Mister Boogie by Brother Soul... this is the reason we love our funk!!

amazon link for track listing

Megaupload Link