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Monday, July 30, 2012

Trampled By Turtles - Palomino (2010)

Marking the return of the Righteous Empire, I am going to spread a little slice of uber righteous bluegrass!  Now as much as I'd like to explain why there is a 6 month gap from my last post to now, let's just say I've had a rough year health wise, with Necrotizing Fasciitis to Crohn's disease, however I am alive and ready to return stuffing your cochlea's and ear drums with groovy tunes and awe inspiring righteousness!!

Trampled By Turtles - Palomino - 2010
Hailing from Duluth Minnesota, these five lads, and yes I do say lads as theses cats aren't the old timers such as Bill Monroe or Earl Scruggs, but hot damn are they on their way! So, we have a bearded dirtbag fiddle player who literally moves mountains with his prowess, and we've also got double bass, acoustic guitar, mandolin and of course the almighty Banjo, with a littles touch of harmonica here and there.  Leading this powerhouse, is the solid Dave Simonett, with a voice filled with heavy passion and and the songwriting  talent on par with many of the greats.  I guess what I am saying, is this guy is going to leave a permanent mark on the world of country and bluegrass, make NO mistake

Palomino, their fifth album released in 2010, showcases the cohesiveness and solidarity of a record seldom found in these days of pro-tools, auto-tune and horrific artists (calling these top 40 "artists" is actually a terrible description of what to me is sub-human atrocities committed by musical deviants).
So with a giant breath of fresh air, these bluegrass anti-heroes of the current state of music, come out with determination and direction, on the path to bring the beautiful music of the past back, and with force!  From the opening track "Wait So Long" which contains enough energy to make the Hoover Dam look like double A battery,  it sets the tone for this equilibrium shaking album! Lightning fast banjo and fiddle, sensational mandolin and bleeding soul drenched vocals combine to put together my favourite album of 2010!  The songs easily spread from one track to the next making the experience so damn smooth you can fall into a state of altered consciousness soaking up every note and tempo change  on this concrete triumph of an album!  So, without further adieu, I present to you "Palomino"!!
I'll say no more, the rest of this experience is yours to enjoy!
Righteous Empire is back!

"Wait So Long" Video

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Jericho Jones - Junkies, Monkeys & Donkeys (1971)

Where to begin with this rock solid gem from 1971!  I'm sure a few of you folk may be familiar with this obscure album from the most righteous era of music, but for those who don't, I've got a treat for you today!  A little history about these lads, they were originally called The Churchills, who were an Israeli  beat/psychedelic group that had a string of singles in the late 60's before relocating to England and changing their name and sound to the powerhouse that is JERICHO JONES!  This album really has every element you've come to love from the likes of Leafhound, Irish Coffee, and Three Man Army (also three highly recommended bands if you haven't listened!).  With whiskey drenched growling vocals, soaring vibrant guitar solos, and dominating bass lines, this album grabs you from the opening tone of "No School Today"(and just wait for the chaotic noise break around the 1:50 mark) to the driving riff of "Mona Mona" and the laid back space jam of "Junkies Monkeys & Donkeys", not to mention the twin lead guitars of "So Come On", this LP envelops you fully to the bitter end.  I must say though, beware before listening, as this album will find itself getting progressively louder on your stereo as the album moves forward!  Accompany with 6 pack and a tailgate party on your buddies El Camino!
Highlighted tracks include "Mona Mona" and "Man In The Crowd"