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Friday, June 17, 2011

Acid Mother's Temple - Pink Lady Lemonade You're From Inner Space (2011)

With a Week left of spring this is the PERFECT way to usher in a new season.
I'm sure many of you already know the reputation of these cats from Japan, and are probably familiar with the title track, as its a staple of their live sets.  Its been released in various forms over the years, but a couple months ago they decided to make it available once  more with 4 cuts totaling 66 minutes of psychedelic fuckin mayhem!!  If you haven't heard these guys, HERE'S YOUR CHANCE TO START!  Play start to finish as I can't really give you highlighted cuts for this record.  You're best off to drop a quaalude or 2, crank your stereo and let your mind wander into the abyss that is ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE!!  DIG!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Carlos Santana with Buddy Miles LIVE!! 1972

WEll WEll WEll!!!
Back for my latest installment on TheRigtheousEmpire, I'm posting this from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.Its Been a few years since i decided to spin this record, but last saturday It made its way to the front runner of my nostalgic psych albums.With "Free Form Funkified Filth" clocking in at a slice under 25minutes of pure jam rock, enough to appease the SkyDog, Duane, himself, this GEM of an album
features all the righteous elements of 1972.  With other guitarists such as Neal Schon... yeah thats right.. of JOURNEY, Greg Errico and other players from "The Family Stone" this slice of heaven is sure
to bring back everything you loved about the 70s from bellbottoms to 65 cent cigarettes, Both of which accompany this solid record quite fittingly, and of course a bag of your favorite hallucinogenics, will all help you enjoy the blistering funked up version of "evil ways" and soar to the Buddy Miles vocals that brought him to prominence among Jimi Hendrix, Mike Bloomfield and to many other groovy cats to mention.  Dig deep into this album and stay RIGHTEOUS!!