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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Scott H. Biram - Bad Ingredients 2011

And man alive..... he's back in style!!  So lets get right down to the meat and potatoes from this album....
Scott has followed the formula of his last couple releases with a combination of tunes about whiskey, highways and broken hearts.... does this mean he's rehashing past glories?? Of course in a sense, but still do we really care??  I mean it's Scott doing what he does best, and kicking the mainstream music industry in the proverbial balls!  This guy can release an album of drunken voicemail messages and I'll buy it, and love it..... and SO WILL YOU!!  So my dearest RighteousEmpire followers, enjoy this album as much as I have been, and take this little slice of dirty cuts.... your ears will thank you..(and me)!
Highlighted cuts include "Open Road" and "Killed A Chicken Last Night"