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Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Real Cost Of Religious Faith - Atheist Experience 696

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  1. Cool post. I ned to see something and have proof to actually believe. I am an athiest.. I think people like that guy on the phone.. just need to complain about stuff. They are nosey and dumb to waste their time on calling into a show.. probably waiting for 30 minutes to talk.. then saying what they said.. without actually thinking. Good post. I am sick of people who are going to let a fairy tale inspire their entire lives.. Although the bible instills good qualities in people.. That doesnt mean that your parents cant just do the same thing and raise you properly. That works too.. rather than scare people into belief that you will burn forever if you disagree with what they think.. As for religion... Does christianity believe they are right.. and every other religion is wrong? and if so.. how the hell do they get off telling every other person they (other people) are wrong.. and that they (christians) are right. Evolution is true.. we are all stardust made up of a series of unbelievable circumstances. Live your life the way you want.. just be a good person.